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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The nice weather has hit Nova Scotia, so have the bugs!

Imagine being able to enjoy a well-prepared dinner on your porch every evening this summer – but without the annoyance of insects or the worry of rain. Our Archadeck of Nova Scotia office in Halifax has found that is exactly what draws many people to have a screened porch added onto their home.
Outdoor living is the trendy way of living nowadays. We have found that, during the summer season, homeowners seek as many ways as possible to stay outdoors more. And, many of these people find the answer to their dilemma in a screened porch – which offers an indoor/outdoor experience, all along with the luxuries of shade from direct sunlight, as well as rain and insect protection.
Screened porches are a popular request and the actual projects vary in design and style, depending on the needs and wants of the customer.
When it comes to screened porches, there are a myriad of choices and a long list of material options that can be used to build them. However, the first thing to decide is the main usage of the screened porch. The size of the porch, for example, will depend on how it's being used. If its only purpose will be for dining, it normally would be designed to be smaller than if it was to be used for general multi-functional "outdoor living," which calls for a larger space.
Many of our Halifax customers choose a screened porch simply because it increases their living space – it makes them feel they have more square footage to their home; some use it mainly for entertaining; while others want a screened porch to remind them of a special time in their lives, for instance, growing up in their childhood house.

Once you know how you will use your screened porch, the next decision falls in the hands of aesthetics and your budget. Do you want an A-frame roof, or a "hip roof"? Would you rather the walls be fully screened or partially insulated with plexi-glass or a stronger material like lexan (a highly durable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic intended to replace glass)? Will imported hard wood or composites be the best choice for your flooring? All of this depends on the style you're looking for, and the part of the country you live in.
We have found that screened porches are very popular in the suburbs outside of Halifax, as well as in the south shore, the valley and New Glasgow and Truro. However, if you experience more cold months than warm ones, a screened porch could easily be changed into a three-season porch, for use year-round, simply by installing windows to control the ventilation on the porch, as well as a wall system – which could be vinyl or a hard wall – that matches the style and design of the rest of the house.

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