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Monday, January 25, 2016

5 DIY Garden Projects for Fall & Winter

By Katherine Oakes

Great landscaping, hardscaping, and beautiful gardens are just a few different ways that we at Archadeck of Nova Scotia love to update and add value to our homes. So when the temperatures start to drop and gardens droop, bringing the outdoors in is a great way to brighten things up. Not sure how to start? We rounded up 5 DIY garden projects from Modernize that you can do during fall or wintertime. Get creative and keep your thumbs green all year round.

Kitchen Microgreens
Microgreens are the first stage of growth in a sprouted seedling. Flavorful and easy to grow, they are the perfect DIY project for the novice gardener or expert who wants a fun project to take indoors during the colder weather.

To start your edible microgreen garden, choose seeds that you love the taste of and that work well as a garnish—like mustard greens or radishes—then find them the perfect spot. Since they need plenty of sun and circulation, a covered porch or well-lit window ledge will do; just make sure it isn’t too drafty or cold. Then keep them healthy and nourished by spritzing them with a water bottle every so often. After a short while, you’ll have sprouts that you can continue to clip and grow all throughout the season. And once the warmer temperatures move in, transfer them to your garden to enjoy as full-grown plants. Learn more about microgreen kitchen gardens here.

via Food52

Bring Your Garden Indoors
Creating seasonal wreaths, boughs, and floral arrangements help to preserve the beauty of the season by bringing it indoors for everyone to enjoy. Go to your local farmer’s market or natural food store, or even forage around in your backyard or nearby park to collect materials for your assemblage. Allow yourself to draw inspiration from the colors and textures that are naturally occurring outdoors and keep in mind that you’ll need something sturdy enough to give your structure a base, something to give it shape and form, and additional pieces for decoration.
Get inspired by these wreaths from The Merry Thought.

Save and Store Your Seeds
One of the benefits of having a flourishing garden during the warmer months isn’t just the produce that it yields—it’s the seeds that each plant produces at the end of the harvesting season that can reward you for years to come. Follow this simple and easy tutorial on how to properly save your seeds for next year. Then create a charming seed bank to keep and to share with others with these creative storages ideas.

Preserve Flowers and Plants
If you had some luck with a bountiful garden this year and can’t bear to part with some of your beautiful plants, preserving them is a simple and fun DIY project to do in your home. If you don’t have anything of your own to salvage, this can be done with plants bought at flower shops or markets as well. Pick sturdy greens like eucalyptus and cut them to a manageable size. Combine two parts boiling water with one part vegetable glycerin oil in a jar then set the bouquet in the solution to set anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on your plant’s process. Wait until the leaves have gotten harder and smoother until the plant is fully preserved and snip the ends when you’re done. Decorate or hang wherever and however you like for some truly festive d├ęcor!

DIY Terrariums

This DIY project is great for adults on their own, or to do indoors with small children when the weather is too cold. Repurpose a wide-mouthed jar or old fish bowl (make sure it’s clean!) and cover the bottom with a mixture of sand, dirt, gravel, and pebbles. Use an arrangement of succulents, moss, and ferns to fill up your terrarium and then get creative with small decoratives to fill in the gaps. How you design and style your mini garden is up to you, so have fun with it and try something new.